I’ve always found that an individuals writing style or rather their “voice” speaks to the perceptual depth of which their mind encompasses. Words carry more weight the less often they are articulated. However, as you point out this has a counter productive consequence of being “misunderstood”. Opening up and communicating as you suggest is vitally important to being seen by the people you love. I’ve found that long term strategic thinking is vitally important for manifesting the self within the world, but sharing that self as it evolves with others you love, is just as important. In this sense, a balance must be struck between single player gameplay and multiplayer gameplay within the world

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May 10, 2022·edited May 10, 2022

I love this, the idea of 'rescripting.' I'm going through a similar process, specifically with regard to the belief that it's okay to have and own my desires. I've sort of nudged them to the side over the years for things I want to and think I should like but don't deeply enjoy (sums up graduate school thus far lol). I keep telling myself that it will eventually click, the work, this way of living and thinking, but it hasn't. The last four years have been hazy as a result, which makes me a sad, but I realized that if I could push myself through something I wasn't totally into, then I could bear the uncertainty of leaping into something that might just be right.

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Hi Molly,

Thank you for writing a thoughtful piece. I used to be in this position exactly. I was an awfully quiet child and teen, only talked extensively with a close family member or trusted friend. Even now, I would describe myself as more soft spoken and not too chatty but definitely more social then I was small.

I found that sharing my feelings and experiences, even when in my mind there were nothing interesting about them help me connect with people and build close connections.

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